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God’s Words Photo Frame


God’s Words Photo Frame

Original price was: ₹1,199.00.Current price is: ₹999.00.

Size: 15×12 inches
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Weight 1 kg

Embrace Divinity in Your Space: Lord Murugan's Word Photo Frame

Transform your home into a sanctuary of peace and spirituality with the exquisite Lord Murugan's Word Photo Frame.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Handcrafted Elegance: Each frame is skillfully crafted by artisans, ensuring a unique piece of art that resonates with personal touch and quality.
  • Vibrant Colors & Detailing: The frame features an intricate portrayal of Lord Murugan, adorned in vibrant hues that bring positive energy to any room.
  • Durable Materials: Made with high-quality materials, this frame promises longevity, retaining its beauty over time.
  • Easy to Install: Lightweight and equipped with a reliable hanging mechanism, it’s effortless to display in your chosen space.

Feel the Serenity:

Imagine walking into your room, where the graceful image of Lord Murugan awaits you, emanating a sense of calm and spiritual wellbeing. The vibrant colors of the frame infuse your space with life and positivity, making you feel uplifted and at peace. This isn't just a photo frame; it's a daily reminder of inner strength and tranquility.

A Touch of Personalization:

Our customers love how this frame adds a personalized touch to their decor. One customer shared, "It feels like it was made just for me, adding a unique spiritual element to my home."

Ideal for Every Space:

Whether it's your living room, your personal meditation space, or even a thoughtful gift, this frame fits seamlessly into any environment, enhancing the ambiance with its spiritual essence.

A Testimony to Faith:

This frame isn’t just an object; it's a testimony to your faith and beliefs, a constant source of inspiration and serenity in your daily life.

Don't let your walls be mere walls. Transform them into a source of inspiration and peace.

🌟 Add the Lord Murugan's Word Photo Frame to your cart today and start your journey towards a more serene and inspired living space! 🌟

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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